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Richard Mukheibir (CEO):  “Lunice took the time to immerse herself in our business to equip herself to identify opportunities for brand exposure in the media community.  As a result, she was able to secure valuable interactions and opportunities with respected journalists.”
Richard Mukheibir (CEO):  “Lunice took the time to immerse herself in our business to equip herself to identify opportunities for brand exposure in the media community.  As a result, she was able to secure valuable interactions and opportunities with respected journalists.”

Access Business Management Conference International Limited (Kenya)

Joseph Mugo (CEO):  “Thank you for contributing with such energy to the ABMC International.   Your ability to unpack Communication theory into practice and make it more understandable to the delegates from Kenya and Uganda has been commendable.”
Joseph Mugo (CEO):  “Thank you for contributing with such energy to the ABMC International.   Your ability to unpack Communication theory into practice and make it more understandable to the delegates from Kenya and Uganda has been commendable.”

Reputation Management, Media Relations and Bespoke Training

Lunice Johnston Communications specialises in media relations, public relations (PR), reputation management, crisis communication, stakeholder management, social media management and media training.

Our 25 years of experience serves as the bridge to your business objectives, connecting you to stakeholders through meaningful communication that result in opportunities to grow your business.


PR & Media Relations

Managing media relationships, writing and issuing of press releases and securing media coverage

Reputation Management

Management of your reputation through media relations in times of crisis

Social Media

Writing of social media content and managing your social media footprint


Training Services

Training and facilitating of workshops



At Lunice Johnston Communications, we know that control of the narrative is essential to building your reputation effectively.  We also know that a crisis need not become a communications disaster.

When it comes to “earned” media, also known as public relations (PR) or media relations, you need a professional by your side to help you navigate the myriad of opportunities to expose your brand and convey your message – effectively, accurately and clearly – to achieve your business objectives.

Our unique and specialised capabilities will help you build your brand and strengthen your reputation.

As your bridge to effective media management across traditional (print, online, broadcast) and social media, Lunice Johnston Communications is known for:

  • A proactive, strategic approach to PR, media relations, communications, social media and reputation management
  • Providing a one-stop shop for all your communications needs
  • Excellent relationships with strategic media partners that are continuously nurtured and developed
  • Monitoring business and media trends pro-actively on behalf of our clients
  • Building media management prowess with our clients by sharing two decades worth of knowledge and experience at our interactive workshops
  • Leveraging the power of social media to build your brand and reputation
  • Listening carefully to our clients and interrogating communication to understand the risks and opportunities
  • Bringing passion, respect and integrity into all our engagements with our clients and the media


We have extensive experience of the business environment and across a variety of sectors that enable us to provide a wide range of individualised services to each of our clients, aligned with their sector’s requirements, supported by key media contacts in each sector.

Our sector knowledge includes:

Telecommunications Financial Services FMCG
Retail Mining Power Generation
ICT Education Construction
Professional services Media and Entertainment Pharmaceutical
Logistics Sport Retail


Lunice Johnston Communications is a values-driven business. We take our role as stakeholders in the media industry seriously and rely on our own reputation for referrals of work based on our integrity with the media and quality delivery to our clients.

Our values include:

  • Integrity – We are passionate about editorial integrity and freedom of speech. We hold ourselves accountable for our words and our actions and value our integrity above all else.
  • Honesty – We believe in engaging honestly with the media to create opportunities for our clients to have their say.
  • Responsiveness – Media opportunities and crisis management is often time-sensitive. We are committed to the highest standards of responsiveness for our clients.
  • Confidentiality – We are often exposed to highly confidential information and guard that trust with our clients fiercely.
  • Quality – We are focused on producing quality communications that are both accurate and achieve our clients’ objectives efficiently.



Lunice Johnston founded Lunice Johnston Communications in 2016. She decided to take the plunge and own her own reputation management business after gathering more than 25 years’ experience working for various public relations and reputation management agencies.  Lunice’s scope of experience includes managing the full spectrum of public relations, media liaison, crisis management, social media, reputation management, stakeholder management and facilitation of related workshops.

During the past decade, a wide range of companies have benefited from Lunice’s versatile and perceptive communications, media and business skills.  Lunice believes in working closely with her clients on crisis communication and management, developing stakeholder relationships, media strategies and building profile opportunities.

Lunice’s client portfolio includes national and international companies in retail, health care, the chemical industry, education, finance, legal, construction, mining and engineering.

In addition to helping clients building and manage their reputations, Lunice is passionate about training her clients in a variety of areas.  She has developed a bespoke media training approach that empowers her clients to make positive impressions with the media on television, radio, print and online channels.

Markets served

We are based in Johannesburg, South Africa and have deep knowledge of the complex South African media spectrum.  We also serve international clients looking to grow their reputation in South Africa and other African markets.



We apply our in-depth business and sector understanding with our reputation among journalists and media outlets to earn your company’s space in the news.

We offer the following PR and Media Relations services:

  • Develop and manage internal and external communications strategies aligned to clients’ business and marketing objectives
  • Develop and implement media strategies, using traditional and social media

Manage full spectrum of public relations, including:

  • Liaise with local and international media daily, including print, broadcast and online platforms, to build relationships and negotiate profiling opportunities
  • Coach and prepare company spokesperson
  • Develop and implement public relations plans
  • Develop content strategies for thought leadership articles
  • Write press releases and thought leadership articles
  • Distribute press releases to the relevant media
  • Arrange for placement of thought leadership articles and press release
  • Arrange media roadshows
  • Arrange press conferences
  • Media planning and media buying
  • Communications advisor on full spectrum of stakeholder relationships, including identifying stakeholders and developing strategies, key messages and implementation plans
  • Manage client relationships, including daily liaison
  • Identify networking and profile-building opportunities for clients
  • Liaise with other agencies to ensure brand integrity is maintained
  • Monitor media daily
  • Provide media impact reports


A good reputation is your most valuable asset. But, at some point, all individuals, companies, governments and countries may face crises where integrity or reputation is called into question, potentially with far-reaching brand and personal damage.

During a crisis, you need to control the narrative, from all angles. Every touchpoint should be aware of the situation and how to respond. Working with experts will help you avoid pitfalls and errors, and contain the communication to achieve your business objectives.

We offer the following Crisis and Reputation Management services to assist our clients prepare for such an eventuality and manage any reputational crisis:

  • Scenario planning
  • Review of existing crisis communication plans
  • Develop approach documents
  • Draft holding statements
  • Develop key messages
  • Manage internal and external communication with all stakeholders, locally and internationally


We understand the disruptive power of social media and its impact on brands and reputations to proactively influence stakeholders to achieve your business objectives.

We offer the following Social Media services:

  • Monitor all social media platforms daily
  • Audit social media platforms and provide advice
  • Review current social media policy and provide feedback
  • Develop social media strategies and content plans
  • Post and manage appropriate social media content across different platforms
  • Provide competitor monitoring/analysis
  • Provide social media impact reports


Our bespoke training services help enhance and focus your business communications to maximise your potential. It empowers decision-makers and spokespeople who can influence your brand and reputation to make smart and informed choices when engaging with the media.

We offer facilitation and workshops in the following six areas:


The reputation of a brand is based on stakeholders’ perceptions. Any perception is subjective and often emotional.  Regardless, the potential for negative impact on a company or individual’s reputation is significantly increased by social media and the prevalence of fake news.

This workshop increases your awareness of the various components of reputation management and empowers you to take control of potential negativity in a proactive manner.


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The persona of your company’s brand is closely linked to that of the personal brands of your leaders and employees. Understanding your personal brand, and its impact on your company’s brand, will empower you to make smart decisions and avoid a myriad of pitfalls.






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MEDIA TRAINING (practical)

This specialised media training integrates the business world with the media world and creates a realistic learning situation.

Delegates are put through the motions of realistic media engagements with journalists from the business and trade industries.  Through their closely monitored interactions, delegates become aware of the benefits of sharpened media skills.

Session duration is dependent on the number of delegates and can be negotiated according to the needs of the company.


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Social media is a minefield for reputation management. By its very social nature, it exposes your reputation to overt criticism and attacks, and crises may inadvertently develop.

Learning to navigate the pitfalls of communicating on social media can help you prevent reputational damage.


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Prepare yourself and your business for the eventuality of crisis management. How you and your business deal with the crisis will determine how your reputation is affected and whether it remains intact.




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This theoretical introduction to the media has been designed to enable our clients to change their approach to the media from defensive to proactive. It addresses the following key areas:





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