[Johannesburg] 15 October 2019 – The Networking Company, a leadership development consultancy based in Johannesburg, has announced the launch of its new virtual reality (VR), multi-player education and training tool, Team VR, a first of its kind on the African continent.


“Virtual reality for teams is in the early stages of entering the corporate space, moving outside the video gaming sphere,” says Helen Nicholson, Chief Excitement Officer (CEO) at The Networking Company. “Team VR utilises immersive learning to deliver training that is easily scalable, repeatable and free from distractions.”


Nicholson says that, in order to keep performing optimally, teams have to evolve in terms of how they collaborate, how digitally savvy they are, how innovative they are and the way they communicate with each other. “The different scenarios they are immersed in force team members to face the impact that they have on another, and allow them to make the necessary changes to their behaviour.”


Virtual reality is set to change the future of work, and there are notable advantages in utilising it as high-performing teams become more important in agile and digital environments.


Team VR is cloud-based and replaces on-site, classroom-style learning, making training and development more accessible for remote employees. It’s easily scalable – meaning companies can use it everywhere, whether employees are in different offices or different countries, and it’s repeatable – so employees or teams can go back and repeat the experiences and learn from hindsight and experience.


VR learning is an excellent tool to deal with conflict resolution, ethics and compliance, and to help make teams more agile, notes Nicholson. “The immersive and interactive nature of VR learning also makes it a good tool to use to identify team members’ skills, and assess things like how they deal with a crisis, for example, or how they react to a range of different, presented scenarios.”


The scenarios used in Team VR are designed to demonstrate the impact of a given situation on employees’ ability to be collaborative team players.


“Training and development through Team VR create a deeper understanding of others through utilising team dynamics,” comments Nicholson, “which is different in comparison to traditional learning tools.”


Another aspect of Team VR is that it allows teams to enter various levels of difficulty, creating more immersive and iterative learning experiences.


Says Nicholson, “VR further closes the perceptive and temporal gap, so that cause and effect to be tightly linked, making it ideal for learning and development.”


About The Networking Company

The Networking Company is a 15-year-old leadership development consultancy. We specialise in helping people maximise their networks through face-to-face training and digital learning. The consultancy operates from Johannesburg and has worked in over 40 countries internationally. Our clients include FNB, Standard Bank, Mondimedia across Europe, The Hilton Hotel group, Hollard Insurance, Cell C and Absa Bank.