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Training Services

All training material and workshops are available via Skype/ Zoom – contact us for assistance.

Our bespoke training services help enhance and focus your business communications to maximize your potential. It empowers decision-makers and spokespeople who can influence your brand and reputation to make smart and informed choices when engaging with the media.

We offer facilitation and workshops in the following six areas:

Productive and Impactful Social Media

Proactive Media Engagement

Media Training

Reputation Management

Crisis Management

Personal Branding

Productive and Impactful Social Media

Social media is a minefield for reputation management. By its very social nature, it exposes your reputation to overt criticism and attacks, and crises may inadvertently develop.

Learning to navigate the pitfalls of communicating on social media can help you prevent reputational damage. This workshop addresses the following key areas:

  • General introduction into social media
  • Impact of social media on reputation
  • Protection of your online reputation
  • Recognising the pitfalls of social media
  • Guidelines when using social media
  • Social media during a crisis
  • Brief overview of legal aspects of social media
  • Case studies

Proactive Media Engagement (Theory)

This theoretical introduction to the media has been designed to enable our clients to change their approach to the media from defensive to proactive. It addresses the following key areas:

  • Do’s and Don’ts when dealing with the media
  • Body language and dress code
  • Handling both in-studio and telephonic interviews
  • Communicating your key messages and speaking in sound-bites
  • Understanding the media
  • Engaging with the media
  • Making your content more newsworthy
  • Managing the media in a crisis

Media Training (Practical)

This specialised media training integrates the business world with the media world and creates a realistic learning situation.

Delegates are put through the motions of realistic media engagements with journalists from the business and trade industries.  Through their closely monitored interactions, delegates become aware of the benefits of sharpened media skills.

Session duration is dependent on the number of delegates and can be negotiated according to the needs of the company.  We recommend the following:

  • 2- hour session for one to two delegates
  • 3- hour session for three delegates
  • 4- hour session for four to six delegates (maximum of 6 delegates per session)

Delegates will receive:

  • Recording of their recorded “in-studio” media training programme
  • Course notes
  • Personalised feedback notes taken during the media training session

Reputation Management

The reputation of a brand is based on stakeholders’ perceptions. Any perception is subjective and often emotional.  Regardless, the potential for negative impact on a company or individual’s reputation is significantly increased by social media and the prevalence of fake news.

This workshop increases your awareness of the various components of reputation management and empowers you to take control of potential negativity in a proactive manner.

It addresses the following key areas:

  • Definition of reputation
  • Perception management among stakeholders, from employees, investors, and suppliers to advocacy groups and regulators
  • Understanding how perceptions are formed, how they change, and their effects on attitudes and behaviour to anticipate the reputational impact of business decisions
  • The direct link between an individual’s reputation and the reputation of your company
  • The dimensions of reputation management that drive supportive behaviour
  • Understanding the potential negative fallout of poor reputation management
  • Tools for managing reputations
  • Advantages of a solid reputation
  • Relationship between trust and reputation
  • Case studies

Crisis Management

Prepare yourself and your business for the eventuality of crisis management. How you and your business deal with the crisis will determine how your reputation is affected and whether it remains intact.

This workshop addresses the following aspects of crisis management:

  • What is a crisis?
  • Levels of crisis
  • Relationship between level of crisis and trust
  • Process during a crisis
  • Crisis communication framework
  • Scenario planning
  • Preparing ahead in case of crisis
  • Consequences of a crisis
  • How to manage the media in a crisis
  • Social media platforms during a crisis

Personal Branding

The persona of your company’s brand is closely linked to that of the personal brands of your leaders and employees. Understanding your personal brand, and its impact on your company’s brand, will empower you to make smart decisions and avoid a myriad of pitfalls.

This interactive workshop will enable you to unlock your personal brand in the following ways:

  • General introduction to branding and the nature of brands
  • Reputation management and managing your brand
  • How to unlock your inner potential
  • How to guide and cultivate your own brand
  • Elements of personal branding (body language, tone of voice, dress code, understanding boundaries)
  • How to maintain a positive and professional appearance in keeping with your brand
  • Digital etiquette (including email etiquette)
  • Appropriate vocabulary for different contexts
  • How to make an impact in meetings